From Frazzled to Fantastic

A Comprehensive Guide to Grooming Your Portuguese Water Dog
by J’nevelyn (Lyn) Martin

From brushing and bathing to drying and scissoring – IT IS ALL IN THIS VIDEO! Lion and Retriever trims in both show and working styles. Expert advice to help YOU make your PWD look it’s best.

DVD, 67minutes  #DVD001   $50 USD

The Polished Puppy

A Beginning Guide to Grooming Your Portuguese Water Dog Puppy
by J’nevelyn (Lyn) Martin 

Easy to understand instructions to introduce your puppy to being groomed. Brushing, bathing and light trimming, all done with a gentle guiding hand. Full size DVD packaged in hard plastic case.

DVD with case, 14 minutes  #DVD002a  $15 USD

Special Packaging for Breeders

A Special item for Breeders
Minimum order of 5 

This 3 inch disc is perfectly designed for your Breeder’s Puppy Packets. It is smaller only in size, not content, and can be viewed in any standard DVD player. The adhesive-backed soft plastic sleeve easily adheres to most surfaces.

“My new puppy families have been thrilled with this DVD! I stick it on the inside of the back cover of my puppy packet. This keeps it handy for them to study!”

The simple, easy to understand instructions helped me, too! Except-knowing puppies- I would love to see some of the out-take bloopers!” 
Karen, Planalto PWDs

DVD with plastic sleeve, 14 minutes  #DVD002b  $10USD