Grooming Equipment

All of the featured pieces of equipment are ones that we personally use and recommend without reservation. If you are not happy with any of these products, please return it for a Credit to your account.


(Combs are identical except for color)

These aluminum combs are easy to grip for total control and comfort. The smaller spaced stainless steel teeth are perfect for getting out those tough spots while the wider teeth are great for hunting down those elusive tangles and for final fluffing.

10″ Blue Comb CB10 $14 USD

10″ Purple Comb CP10 $14 USD


Sorry- we have lost our supplier for high quality shears. Please check back with us the future.

Puppy Supplies

Puppy Slicker Brush

This “slick” slicker is perfect for the sensitive skin of your little puppy! Each tine has a protective ball on the end to ensure a gentle action. This slicker is also nice for working on the face of an adult and is great for cats, too.

Puppy Slicker SlickPup $6 USD

Puppy Nail Clippers

Perfect to keep those tiny toe nails well trimmed! It is important to keep nails short to encourage a healthy paw. Each clipper includes a 0.25 ounce container of styptic powder- just in case there is an “oops”!

Puppy Nail Clippers and Styptic Powder NailPup $6 USD

Get both the puppy slicker brush and the nail clippers for $10! PupSlickNail Set $10 USD

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