Completely Gone to the Dogs:

Here at Completely Gone to the Dogs Grooming and Supply store we have, well… completely gone to the dogs! We are here just to pamper and groom your furry, four-legged kid – or kids. So, what are you waiting for? Bring your best friend over so we can make them shine!

A bathed and groomed dog is a happy and healthy dog!
We are here to help your dog look and feel their very best!

A few kibbles of information about Lyn Martin, the owner:

•  Lyn is an Internationally Certified Master Groomer;
•  Lyn has over 42 years of experience in grooming;
•  Lyn has over 50 years of experience with dogs including….
……breeding, training and AKC showing in the US and Canada;
•  Lyn is a member of the International Pet Groomers Association;
•  Lyn has exhibited dogs in shows such as…
……Westminster Kennel Club, Eukanuba Dog Show, and more.


Lyn in a nutshell, Lyn has completely devoted her entire life
to the care and preservation of dogs and grooming.

Thus her store name “Completely Gone to the Dogs” is a perfect description.


Package are ALL INCLUSIVE pricing! Meaning no annoying add-ons that nickel and dime your check out total higher than you expected to pay upon arrival.

All salon services are breed specific, pricing based on the breed and length of trim of your pet.

The Full Deal includes:

•  Brush out before bathing;
•  Gentle, yet thorough, bathing;
•  Premium quality shampoos and cream rinses;
•  Fluff drying;
•  Brush out immediately after drying;
•  Breed specific haircut;
•  Either show or pet trims, your choice;
•  Nail trimming and grinding;
•  Anal glands expressed;
•  Ears cleaned.

Bath and Brush includes:

•  Brush out before bathing;
•  Only use premium quality shampoos and cream rinses;
•  Gentle, yet thorough, bathing;
•  Fluff drying;
•  Nail trimming and grinding;
•  Anal glands expressed;
•  Ears cleaned.


Every bath and trim is customized to meet you and your dog’s specific needs.

Appointments highly recommended

Walk-in’s have limited availability

Discounts for Seeing Eye dogs, Services dogs, and K-9 dogs


Completely Gone to the Dogs Dog-Lover Store:

Many items available for purchase, included but not limited to:

•  Premium shampoos and cream rinses;
•  Tea Tree ear cleaning solution;
•  Premium products for pets with sensitive skin and/or coat;
•  Nail trimmers;
•  Styptic powder for those occassional nail trimming boo-boo’s;
•  Slicker Brushes;
•  Combs;
•  Top quality grooming scissors;
•  Premium quality hand-made beds of all sizes so comfy you may want to sleep in them yourself;
•  All types of dog-lovers t-shirts including tie-dye with a large paw-print;
•  Ceramic dog bowls;
•  Large variety of collars and leashes;
•  Personal name tags and embroidered collars – you get to pick the design and size;
•  Awesome tote bags featuring dog designs such as bones or mini-paw-prints;
•  And much, much more!

All dog-lover gift items are made by local artisans. In store stock is always changing, so every visit will bring a new surprise and fun to your grooming and shopping experience.