On March 31st, 2012, just a few short weeks prior to the grand opening of  “Completely Gone to the Dogs,” Lyn Martin held a poodle grooming seminar. This seminar was open for anyone interested whether they are parents of a poodle (any size), a groomer-in-training, or even a Master Groomer! Never know, everyone has their own little tricks to the trade….

The session was delightfully full! There were Standard Poodles all over the place, although any size was welcome, and everyone had a great time. There was cake for the humans, and treats for the stars of the show. Lyn used a friends standard to show all the steps from beginning to end. Starting with the pre-bath grooming to knock off what will not be needed – that only adds more unnecessary time to the bath and dry – moving on to the little tricks Lyn has when washing the face and ears, tips for anal gland expressed (what NOT to do, pew), the proper way to dry a coat, all the way to the final cut and trim.

Here are some pet grooming photos taken of “Completely Gone to the Dogs” poodle grooming seminar. Please check back to this site regularly for new announcements on upcoming seminars.

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